The Pros And Cons Of Studio Apartment Living In Austin Texas

Are you thinking about renting a studio apartment in Austin Texas? Because Austin is a big college town, studio apartment living is often the best choice for college students who have little money to spare on rent. Before you sign a rental agreement however, consider the pros and cons below first.


One con of studio apartment living is noise. While noise can be an issue with apartment living in general, it can be worse with studio apartments. This is because of a lack of walls. In normal apartments, there are several walls within that are used to divide rooms. These walls also act as a sound buffer and the rooms there used to to create Can provide a bit of sanctuary should you have noisy neighbors. You won’t have this option with a studio apartment. Since studio apartments are one room only, you only have four walls at most separating you from your neighbors. As a result, noisy neighbors will pose a larger problem than they would in a traditional apartment. And

A second con of studio apartment living is size. As stated above, studio apartments typically consist of one room only, and everything you possess will have to fit in this living space. Since studio apartments are usually quite small, storage and living space will be limited. This means you can’t have a lot of stuff. If you’re a minimalist, this shouldn’t pose an issue, but if you’re a pack rat or have multiple family members residing in one studio apartment, the lack of storage space can be a serious issue.

As mentioned above when discussing the issue of noise, we mentioned a lack of space to get away from noisy neighbors. This also applies when it comes to pests. If you’re the kind of person who likes to run and hide in another room when seeing a roach or a mouse, you won’t have this option with a studio apartment. When pests present themselves, your option is to deal with them or leave the apartment. There is no place to hide.


Earlier, size was mentioned as a con when it comes to studio apartment living. However, it can also be considered a pro. Because studio apartments are so small, keeping them clean is easier and less time-consuming when compared to that of a traditional apartment. Further, because the space is limited, you will have fewer things in the apartment that can attract dust and dirt that will need cleaning. With a little regular maintenance, you can probably clean your apartment daily in as little as five minutes.

Lastly, and most importantly, the main pro when it comes to studio apartment living is cost. The rent charged for a studio apartment is significantly lower than that of a traditional apartment. In many cases, the cost can often be as much as half of that of a normal apartment. This makes them quite appealing to college students and others who have a limited budget.

If you’re considering a studio apartment in Austin Texas, be sure to keep the above pros and cons in mind when making your decision. Studio apartment living isn’t for everyone, but it may be the perfect solution for those who have little money to spare on rent.